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Mozilla is a free open source project whose code is used to cretae lot of innovative applications on Internet. Some of the popular examples include :
  • Firefox
  • Bugzilla
  • ThunderBird
  • Eudora and more
Mozilla is a global community where people are involved to build better internet . Mozilla open lot of channels to contribute in open source project framework. Some of them are :

     User Support

      Testing & Quality Assurances


  • Evangelism    : Small team at mozilla working for open web
    • A Mozilla Community Project
    • Dedicated to market Firefox and Increase no. of firefox users
    • A original Marketing team for mozilla
    • Affiliation program : Place banner on website or blogs. Earn points and Gifts.
    • Campus Rep
      • Benefits
        • Get Mozilla Reference Letter
        • Opportunity to apply for Mozilla Marketing Internship
        • Knowledge about open source software and web
        • Network Building and Popularity
      • Students Program to spread firefox in their schools , colleges , local communities
      • Join Campus networking website
      • Become Regional Leader 
        • One yr time period and I leader per region
        • Attend Roundtable meetings with mozilla marketing team
        • Plan and Execute Campaigns with other rep
        • Networking and Popularity
        • Leadership experience
    • How to participate
      • Create a Account
      • Start own marketing project by choosing an idea
      • Join Community@sfx project
      • Join a ongoing marketing project
      • Get feedback from Community@SFX Discussion Forums
      • Follow Mozilla Guidelines
      • Become Part of Advertising Project
        • Firefox facebook members and group
        • Orkut Community
        • Share Project on
      • Create Events and Email Members
      • Get Mozilla Support
        • Mozilla Foundation Grants
        • Event Sponserships
        • Community giving programs


      Interface Design and Usability
  • Design Challenge : Mozilla team with IXDa [ Interaction Design Association] and Johnny Holland [open collective magazine] for design challenge. To take part in it , you need to
    • Create a short video of 3 minutes
    • explain your idea and present mockup and show how your idea works
    • Upload video to Youtube or flicker with tag mozconcept and fill registration form to register your submission
    • Benefits : Fame, Good way to promote Designers, Increase in Knowledge

     Add - Ons

      Visual Design
  •     Create Collective Challenge
  • A new design challenge topic posted every month
  • Need to be Registered member of Creative Collective to enter or vote in challenge
  • Winner will be with most votes
  • Winner will receive - Champion of the collective Badge on profile
  • 4 Runner-ups - Minister of Design Badge on profile
  •     Add T-Shirt Design
    • Partership with[Custom T-Shirt Design Portal]
    • Files in png or jpg format with 150dpi resolution or greatar
    • Back of T-shirt will have firefox logo and url
    • Zazzle selling T-shirt starting from 17$  after adding design
    • All benefits go to mozilla , artist will gets its name on creation
      Developer Documentation