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Online Marketing

      Description :  Business Network

      Goal : To increase Company Value among business communitie
      Steps for Implementation
  •     Registering Company on Linkedin       
  •     Creating a Linkedin Group that will mention project clear goals       
  •     Creating a Business Profile on Linkedin for Company CEO , COOs.
  •     Inviting Linkedin Members to Company groups       
  •     Become Member of Linkedin Opensource Groups       
  •     Include links to personal blog and twitter profile       
  •     Ask for recommendations       
  •     Build a Network       
     Description : Social Media Fan Network   
     Goal :
To build a trust among developers and estblishing trust among vast user base of youth.

     Steps for Implementation
  •     Developing a Fan Profile Page on Facebook.       
  •     Developing a Facebook Application       
  •     Join Facebook Groups       
  •     Build Facebook Pages to establish a presence of Facebook       
  •     Join Facebook Events to promote marketing events , product launches       
  •     Use Facebook Notes and Photos to post content about brand. Use tagging       
  •     Use Facebook Share to promote Groups , Events       
    Description :  Social Media Fan Network   
    Goal : To develop a base among US users
    Steps for Implementation

  •     Create a Myspace Account       
  •     Create a Business page on Myspace       
  •     Build Network By Invitations       
  •     Launch your Product at Events       
  •     Join MySpace Groups       
    Description : Information Network   
    Goal :  To build a brand and establish google rankings
    Steps for Implementation
  • Developing a Company Profile on Wikipedia       
  • Developing Individidual profiles of CEO , COO , Marketing Heads etc.       

    Description : Social Media Fan Network   

    Goal : To build a trust among developers and estblishing trust among vast user base of youth.
    Steps for Implementation
  •     Create a Twitter Profile with Relevant Keywords , Background , Avtaar       
  •     Build a Target Audience       
  •     Interact with followers and promote product with tweets       
  •     Don't use spam terms like free , join etc       
     Goal : Effective tool for Promotion and Information
               Enhance Google Ranking

    Steps for Implementation

  •     Create Company and Company Owner Blogs on Wordpress , Blogger       
  •     Spread Blog in Blog Networks       
  •     Search Engine Optimization   
  •     Monitization of Website
  •     A 6 month plan will be implemented to monetize the site.       
  •     Incrase of quality Traffic
    Press Releases   

  •     Launching Platform for Products
  •     Press Release on Top 10 Free Press Releases Websites       
  •     Press Releases on Paid Websites in 2nd phase       
    Description :
Promotion and Interaction Platform   
    Goal :
Promotion of Products
    Steps for Implementation

  •     Develop List of Forums for Industry and Type of Targeted Users       
  •     Prune List to Top 10 Via Alexa Ranking       
  •     Create Account and Post Regular Updates       
  •     Develop a Major Profile on Forum by answering queries       
    Promotion Domain like   

    Description : Spreading   

    Goal : To enhance use of Company products in business communities
    Steps for Implementation
  •     Announce Program to spread Product in Business Circles       
  •     Create Business Leaders and enhance communication       
  •     Give them opportinities to be part of testing teams , quality teams , marketing teams       
    Launch an Affilation Program   
  •     A successful affilate program rewards with high quality traffic in return of small monetry benefits
  •     Develop Banners so that users can display on websites       
  •     Give points  and gifts in return if there is site is generating traffic for you.       
    Campus Program   

     Description : To Develop Volunteers 
     Goal : School Students from 9-12 standard and College Students are our major targets as they have ample time , want to learn new experience and want       
    Steps for Implementation
  •     Announce Program to spread Product in Schools and Universities free of cost       
  •     Create Regional Leaders , School Leaders , Class Leaders        
  •     Create to enhance their communication       
  •     Give Certificates for Contribution       
  •     Join BBA Schools in Campus Program and Create Marketing Leaders to designs Campaigns       
  •     Create Contests to enhance competition and in turn award them T-Shirts
Social Media Marketing Tools
  • Blogs
  • Book Marking/ Tagging
  • Wikis
  • Widgets
  • Virtual Worlds
  • Content Aggregation
  • Crowdsourcing/voting
  • Discussion boards and forums
  • Events and meetups
  • Mashups
  • Microblogging
  • Online Video
  • Photosharing
  • Podcasting
  • Presentation Sharing
  • Public relations - Press Releases
  • Rating and reviews
  • Social networks
  • Sponsorships
  • Email to friends