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    Defined in :

  •     RFC 1459 ( Internet Relay Chat)


    What is it?

      IRC  is a multi-user, multi-channel chatting network. It allows people all over the internet to talk to one another in real-time. It is a functional replacement and
      improvement to 'talk.

    Important Concepts

  •  How to use
      IRC is based on a client-server model. You run a client program on your own computer which connects you to a server computer on the Internet. These servers 
      link to many other servers to make up an IRC network, which transport messages from one user (client) to another. In this manner, people from all over the world
      can talk to each other live and simultaneously.
      After connecting to IRC , you need to choose a nickname to connect to IRC Networks. These networks contain thousands of people with different locations and
      interests. These people create channels where they can participate in discussion or may chat privately with individuals.

  •  Popular IRC Clients
      You need a IRC Client to connect to IRC Network.    
    • Windows  :  mIRC (shareware)
    • Mac         :  Ircle (shareware)
    • Unix        :   ircII
    • Firefox     :  Chatzilla Plugin

  •  Basic IRC Commands
      Every IRC client has an input area where you can type what you want to say or issue IRC commands. You issue IRC commands by typing on a new line 
      something beginning with a / (forward slash) character. Anything that does not begin with a / is assumed to be a message you are typing to someone or some

  •   /HELP [optional command name]  :  /help bring up list of all commands

  •   /SERVER new-server-hostname      :  /server hostname : To connect or switch to that server

  •   /NICK new-nickname :  /nick Change the nickname by which you are known
  •   /LIST : Lists IRC channels, number of users, and topic for each.
  •   /NAMES #channel-name : Shows the nicknames of all users on that channel.  

  •   /WHOIS nickname : Shows information about the nick specified.
  •   /AWAY away-message-here  : Leave a message explaining that you are not currently paying attention to IRC.

  •   /QUIT [optional farewell message] :  Exits IRC

  •  IRC  Chat Commands

  •   /JOIN #channelname :  Changes your current channel to the channel specified.        

  •   /ME does something : Performs an action on a channel.
  •   /LEAVE [#channel_name] : Leaves the specified channel, or if no channel is specified, leaves the current channel.

  •  IRC Private Chat Commands

  •  /MSG nickname message : Use the /MSG command to send someone a message that only that person can read.

  •   DCC CHAT : DCC stands for Direct Client Communication, where you and your friend's client programs connect directly to each other, bypassing  IRC servers and their occasional "lag" or "split" problems. Like /MSG, the DCC chat is completely private.

  •   IRC File Transfer Commands    

  •   DCC SEND and GET : Commands  for file transfer