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1. Creating New GWT Project

Steps using Google Eclipse Plugin
  • In Eclipse create a new Web Application Project. The icon for it is a blue colored small 'g'.
  • Give the following details in New Web Application Project :
    • Project name
    • Package
    • Location
    • Choose the Google SDK versions for Google Web Toolkit and Google App Engine
  • After giving all valid details and pressing finish button you will get the new project created at the location you chose. Also you can explore the project from the Project Explorer.
  • Google builds a web page by default. This is good if you are first time user from an experimental point of view but very confusing in case you want to build your own content on page. You have to remove many things which Google has added to add your content from scratch.
  • In case you want to see Google's default page you can compile it using a button with red briefcase icon with a capital G in the briefcase. The description of the button is GWT Compile Project.
  • After compiling you can see the web page by opening the requisite HTML page from the WAR directory created in the project folder.
  • The following are the steps for removing Google's default code which bothers 2nd time users unnecessarily :
    • In the relevant HTML page remove code from start of H1 tag till Table's end tag.
    • In the java source file having the same name as the project name delete all code before onModuleLoad method. Do not remove the class definition. The class should continue implementing the EntryPoint interface.
    • Remove all the code from the onModuleLoad method.
    • Save this class's java source. 
    • In the java source file having the same name as the project name delete the following line :
      • import com.skj.executiontool.shared.FieldVerifier;
    • Compile your project
    • Now you have a blank project which you can use as you like.