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Create New Page in GWT

Create a New Page in GWT

1. create New Module in com.<projectName>

New GWT Module screen appear, select module name and click finish.

Edit in Module file, <moduleName>.xml

add this line after <inherit name=......./> tag

<inherits name=''/>

2. Create Entrypoint class in com.<projectName>.client

New Entry Point Class screen appear, select newly create Module from Browse Button.
it should be com.<projectName>.<moduleName>
and, enter file name same as <moduleName>.

3. create html page in WAR Directory of your project

New HTML Page screen appear, select file name same as moduleName.
Select your newly created module file from the list, click finish

4. Edit in HTML Page <script> tag

leave this import script.

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="com.<projectName>.<moduleName>/com.<projectName>.<moduleName>.nocache.js"></script>

Remove all other javascript import