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Google Case Study


Google Inc. is a multinational public cloud computing and Internet search technologies corporation. Google hosts and develops a number of Internet-based services and products, and generates profit primarily from advertising through its AdWords program .

Google as the Internet's most visited website.Google is also fourth best place to work and most powerful brand in the world.

Google innovations in search technology make it no.1 but it makes money only after auctioning ads along with search results. Advertising today contributes to 99% of company's revenue.

Google, goals and success

Every quarter , each group in Google sets goals called OKRs , for next 90 days. Google set quarterly goals and set them at impossible levels. The major task is then devising strategies how to achieve them. After every quarter progress is achieved and rewards are given for outstanding achievements.

  • OKRs means Objectives and Key Results.  Google employees are told to submit unrealistic goals for a quarter as they believe setting modest targets. They want to face the situation to achieve impossible.
  • Google not fires somebody if you fail to approach the target. What Google believes that you need to find a approach to be closer to your target. 
  • Google believes that achieving part of impossible target is better than achieving modest targets as it changes your approach and hunger towards your work. Measuring success leads to corrections , strategies and and higher goals for next quarter.
  • When someone achieve impossible goals, the groups is awarded with significant rewards. The idea here to increase the desire and working hard everyday to achieve the impossible. The goal of Google is to change the mindset of its employees to achieve success.

New Approach

  • Google have lot of success from its web applications because it understands future is web and applications needs to be platform independent.
  • Google works on concept 'Share and Collaborate'.They support open source concepts like Firefox and are well respected in community.
  • Google 20% free time policy brings creative ideas and help them to stay competitive. Google core policy a employee should spend 20% of free time in personal projects. Google employ intelligent persons and give 20% of their time for personal project to bring their experties and out of box ideas.
  • Google goal is to bring traffic to sell advertisements and bring end users its primary focus. He focuses on providing useful web services for end users.
  • Google develop great products and make them available to people at no charges.
  • Google is seen as a young , cool and creative company.

Why Microsoft is 2nd

  • Less focus on End Users
  • Slow in Catching up internet services
  • Not supporting open source communities
  • Not focusing on cross operating solutions
  • Bad Reputation
     Google Principles

    •  Follow your own rules : Google not changes his way despite public telling what it should do , when it should do. It does when he thinks its best time.
    •  Beta : Google don't believes in launching of half baked product. He first launches beta , take feedback and then correct it to launch flawless version.
    •  Relevancy : Google believes what his audience gets should be relevant.
    •  Volume : Google view volume and keeps its prices low.
    •  Open Minded and Modern executive Management
    •  Products adoptable to variety of environments
    •  Google is acquiring technology where it finds it has limited knowledge.Collaboration is needed to scale.
    •  Google is trying to get more info about end users via Google Analytic , Google Accounts and Google Toolbar. End user data is very valuable.
    Google Future Implications

  • Lot of companies are looking to implement Google Apps Engine solution in their companies. The clear indication is the license fee , they are paying to     Microsoft Services per year is huge compare to 50$ services  from Google. 
  • Google focuses on collborative web platforms and trying to develop ways to collaborate online.It allows real time updating of shared documents comparing to tedious  process of downloading Microft documents for updation.
  • Google strategy of distributing software as an online service means companies need not to invest on real timcee money for large scaled technical workforce.

    Google Future Predictions

    • Chinese-language content will dominate internet.
    • With reference to  Moore's Law, computers will be more capable.
    • More than 100 MB broadband performance and no distinction between TV Radio and web.
    • Content will move towards more video.
    • Real time information will be more valuable.

    Google Letter from founders