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configure your Amazon Key and Secret key. click apply and ok button.

Go to EC2 AMIs Tab. where complete list of AMI is loading..

find AMI for PHP (LAMP)

AMI ID : ami-be24d1d7
Manifest : LAMP stack- Micro Virtual Server

Add Key Pair using right click on Key Pair list.

New Key Pair dialog will appear.

Add Security Group using right click on Security Group list.

Enter desired Group Name and Description.

Click OK to save Security Group and Click OK to Launch instance.

Instance is launch and running in EC2 Instances Tab.

Go to EC2 Security Groups Tab to Configure your Security Group Port. and right click on list to add permission.

Click on Add Permissions. Dialog box will appear.

Add Port 22 and Port 80
(Port 22 for SFTP and Port 80 for Web)